There are many components to a successful health and fitness regimen. Perry Strength & Fitness is committed to delivering the most beneficial experience possible for our clients through a variety of services, which include:

Personal training – The core of our program is one-on-one personal training with an experienced and knowledgeable trainer who is invested in your success. Our trainers are accomplished athletes in their own right, as well as degreed and certified professionals with thorough knowledge of the science behind fitness. You meet with your trainer for an hour or half hour training session designed to be fun, energizing and educational. Your trainer tracks your progress and adjusts your program regularly to spur you on to greater success.

Group training sessions – If you enjoy the camaraderie and excitement of group activity and draw additional motivation from shared experience, you’re welcome to join our group training sessions. These classes of three or more are designed to get you the greatest bang for your buck. The trainer leading the class sets up stations and demonstrates the proper way to perform the activity as you rotate through. The class moves at an energized pace, as the trainer keeps a watchful eye on all participants, offering tips on executing activities whenever needed. The 45-minute session is over before you know it, but your workout will have you on a natural high for the rest of the day.

Nutritional counseling – All the exercise in the world won’t produce optimal results without proper nutrition. But, with sensible adjustments to your diet and consumption, you can give your workout a significant boost. At Perry Strength & Fitness, we apply common sense principles to improving nutritional habits without stringent restrictions that so often backfire. The proper synergy of exercise and nutrition can deliver results you’ve only dreamed of.